Chimpfest is a holiday that celebrates that which makes us the same, our ancestry. It is a celebration of all the primates, including humans. To celebrate Chimpfest is to celebrate oneself, one's relatives, one's neighbors, and the history of one and all.
Chimpfest is the newest and most practical holiday yet created. It is a holiday we all need. Chimpfest gives back what we have lost in our other holidays, namely a sense of personal investment and intimate connection with the day. Chimpfest is best celebrated uniquely by each individual, with the sum of those celebrations recreating the holiday each year. It is no one event. It is many events, but more importantly it is the presence of Chimpfest in the heart. Chimpfest will be spread from person to person, individual to individual. No one person controls Chimpfest.
The holiday is called Chimpfest because the chimpanzee most clearly illustrates the principle of evolution that gives Chimpfest its basis. Both humans and chimps represent a pinnacle of evolution, as does every living being. This implies no superiority over other past life forms, merely a different manifestation useful for a different time. Likewise, between chimps and humans there is no clear hierarchy: both are useful organisms suited for different environments, both descended from a common ancestor five million years ago.