Your ape index is a calculation made using your height and armspan. It's usually expressed in inches, unless you are anywhere in the world except the United States. Let's say a person is 6 feet tall, and his or her armspan (the distance from middle fingertip to middle fingertip when the arms are outstretched) is 75". This person's ape index is +3. If our example had an armspan of 70", the ape index would be -2. A person whose armspan is equivalent to his or her height would have an ape index of zero.
People like to discuss the benefits of high and low ape indices, but none of those reasons are of importance when celebrating Chimpfest. The point in calculating your index is not to determine amongst your friends who might be a better climber or boxer or pastry chef, but to recognize that everyone has an ape index. We can compare them, but in the end, no one ape index is any better than another.
So calculate your index and submit it to be posted on the forthcoming data graph. And celebrate your ape index!