Chimpfest was born during a long journey to the West. Two pilgrims traveling from a tattered past into a future of unknown proportions had ample time to discuss the faults with the contemporary selection of holidays. Some were too big, others too small. Some were religious, others were secular, but none served all of humanity. The pilgrims sought a new brand of celebration, one that would unite instead of divide.
Work was begun immediately on the look and feel of this new day. A name was given: they called it Chimpfest. This name reflected the goals of those initiators, namely to attract supporters of the cause and put an amusing spin on a serious topic. People love primates of all shapes and sizes, and are attracted to anything having to do with apes, monkeys, chimps and the like. The travellers had realized immediately that primate love is a reflection of self-love. But while "Self-fest" would be lame, Chimpfest is exciting.
The first Chimpfest was celebrated nationwide in the United States. Early and staunchly allegiant Chimpfest supporters emerged and have been duly canonized. Their work in launching the new holiday was unmatched in human history. Most people are content to let such events develop while they themselves get swept up by the juggernaut of cultural progress. They quickly recognized that Chimpfest was not that kind of day. There would be no commands from on high about the protocols of celebration; the traditions were theirs to make.
As they are yours. Chimpfest puts the control in the hands of those who celebrate it. Each year more and more good ideas surface. These are collected when possible so that new celebrants have a place to start from, but it is also important to make Chimpfest one's own. We are always eager to hear how other people celebrate Chimpfest. Chimpfest is by all means a grass-roots undertaking. There are no Hallmark® Chimpfest cards, no Chimpfest M&M's®. It is a holiday that requires its participants to use that most human of resources, creativity, to celebrate it. As individuals master the art of celebrating Chimpfest, they pass it on to friends and family. This is the history of Chimpfest.