This T commemorates Chimpfest as it might have been celebrated back in Roman Times.
Chimpfest BCE
Chimpfest in prehistoric times, of course without documentation, is depicted here as an artist's interpretation.
Chimpfest '82
As you may well remember, Chimpfest '82, held in Biarritz, was one of the grandest ever. This is our most popular shirt.
The Windchimp happily spins his arms when a gleeful Chimpfest participant whips his stick to and fro. Approximately 8 inches high.

Chimpanzees eat a variety of foods, but the main Chimp Chow is the grapefruit, of which an average chimp eats 16 pounds each day. They spend the better part of each day finding and enjoying grapefruit.
We at Chimpfest headquarters know that man does not live by grapefruit alone, but like chimps we enjoy questing for and collecting perfect specimens of our favorite things.
Thus we offer a few tidbits of Chimpfest memorabilia and publicity materials. Feel free to make a small cache of them and move them to a more secluded space to enjoy, as the chimp does her grapefruit.

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